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Talent Engagement


Short Term Engagements

Upto 3 months

  • Competency Mapping
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Team & Goal Alignment
  • Train the Trainer
  • Competency Based Interview skills (CBI)
  • Managing Conflits in Teams

Long term Engagements

3-6 months

  • Talent Mapping & Succession plan
  • Customer service
  • Performance Management Process
  • Development centres
  • Coaching skills
  • Leadership development initiatives

Frequently Asked Questions

Training Need Identification refers to where we are and where we want to be. It is done at 3 levels, it starts with organisational need to departmental need to individual need. Example -
  • An organisation might have a need of cultural transformation from manual to automated operations, this is usually done by interacting with top management or owner of the organisation.
  • Department A might need team collaboration while department B might look at customer centric mindset as the primary need.
  • An individual need is generally taken from annual performance management process.
Behaviour is a function of personality and environment factors, environment is dependent on various cultural factors and systems and processes. However individuals personality can be impacted through various training interventions, psychometric tests and on the job coaching support to the individual, which leads to change of individual's behaviour.
This is a major question in many organisations and various psychometric tools are available to identify high potential candidates. However, there are certain competencies which can be assessed to measure potential. For example- Decision Making, Taking Initiative, Learning Agility, Relationship Orientation and Achievement driven mindset.
Self management is the starting point of any leadership development initiative. It starts with identifying individual personality, open areas, blind spots, Hidden areas and unknown areas about self. These findigs can be self sufficiant to focus and understand self and how one interact with others in different situations.
First time manager is the major professional transition in any professional life. Moving from Individual contributor to a managerial role requires different skills set of comptencies. At VALT we focus on
  1. Team Development
  2. Result Orientation
  3. Planning Skills
  4. Effective Communication Skills
  5. Analytical Skills
In any organisation customer is the center for all strategic initiatives, customer centric mindset has shown direct correlation with business results. It encompasses customer satisfaction and customer reliability. A customer needs support and connect from service provider. Empathy with customer, open Communication, showing big picture, ownership are some of the competancies required for Effective customer centric approach.

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